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We stock 36 gorgeous Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ colours, along with Annie Sloan books, waxes and accessories. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ colours have been created to ensure any and all colour combinations balance perfectly to suit each individual's taste. Scroll down for tips to help you get started with Annie Sloan!

Fabrics are 100% cotton/linen and sold in 1m lengths. We have some in stock but can import others directly from England.

BRUSHES: Italian Made & 100% pure bristle.

Paint Large Round $79.90

Paint Medium Round $54.95

Paint Small Round  $38.00

Paint Flat Brush Large  $27.95

Paint Flat Brush Small $15.95

Wax Brush Small  $65.00


Paint Everything 45.60

Creating the French Look $45.00

Quick & Easy Paint Transformations $45.00

Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture $46.00

Annie Sloan Room Recipes for Style & Colour $78.00

Bookazine Colourist $18.00

When Annie Sloan developed her unique decorative paint, Chalk Paint, over 20 years ago, she revolutionised painting. Frustrated with the lack of paint options available at the time, she created her signature paint - with its remarkable versatility and ease of use - for the DIY enthusiast as well as the professional painter.

It really is simple to achieve stunning results with Chalk Paint decorative paint. Especially if you know how. Be liberal - be lavish! Enjoy your painting and don't be shy with the brush. It will help you find your style. 

"Avoid perfectionism! The distressed look isn't difficult to achieve, and by nature, it's not supposed to be perfect!"


Chalk Paint™ adheres to almost any surface, indoors or out - and there's rarely any need to sand or prime before painting. Just get stuck into the fun bit: amazing results that are easy to achieve!

If you're working with new, untreated wood, you'll need to apply clear shellac to wood knots to open grains. This will block tannins that can bleed through the paint. 

If you see a yellow or pink stain coming through the paint on older furniture - typically from the 1930s and 1940s - apply clear shellac. One or two coats of shellac applied with a cloth pad will stop this happening. It dries in minutes and then you can get on with your painting!

In the garden - you can use Chalk Paint™ on exterior walls, garden furniture (except teak), metal, concrete, matt plastic - even terracotta. Just leave it to harden overnight and then wipe it down with a damp cloth before exposing it to rain. No need to wax!

Walls - Apply with a sponge roller or large brush to achieve a slight texture. You can then wax it with a big brush, or just leave it - bedroom walls look great with a soft, matte unwaxed finish. 

Metal - You can paint straight onto all kinds of hardware, including metal work. Chalk Paint™ can re-invigorate old brass and other metal fixtures and fittings, and it even covers and slows down rust!

Kitchen cabinets - You can achieve beautiful results using Chalk Paint™ on - and in - your cabinets. Apply at least two coats of paint, and then two or three coats of Annie Sloan Soft Wax to seal and protect them. Simple.

Floors- Chalk Paint™ can transform old concrete and wooden floors, even if they're varnished! Just apply two or three coats of Chalk Paint, and then apply Annie Sloan Lacquer with a sponge roller, for added durability.

HOT TIP FROM ANNIE SLOAN: "Chalk paint™ is so thick you can create texture with your brush. If you prefer a smooth finish, just add a little water!" 

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